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Shipment Info

Steenbergen b.v. values a correct dispatch of all deliveries, and feedback of delivery information plays a key role in this context!

For optimal information on the status of the client’s shipment, Steenbergen b.v. uses an online environment that can be consulted always and anywhere. This environment informs the client of all shipment details, including real time loading and unloading times, delivery status and digital Proofs of Delivery.

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Data traffic is just as important as the actual shipment.

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Enter Shipments

This online tool can be used to present shipments for delivery or collection by Steenbergen b.v. at all times!

The digital import environment allows clients to transfer all relevant shipment information directly to the Order Administration Department. Steenbergen b.v.’s Order Administration then processes the imported information and converts it into shipment information. Clients may then retrieve several reports and details regarding the shipment using their online environment.

For more information about how to enter the shipment information, please contact your Steenbergen b.v. establishment.

Track & trace

This online tool enables clients to consult the loading and unloading times of the shipments in real time and to request for Proofs of Delivery!

Steenbergen b.v. offers all its clients a tailored online Track & Trace environment. More particularly, this environment gives information on planned loading and unloading times of shipments, their delivery status and a tool to view and store digital Proofs of Delivery. Steenbergen b.v.’s on-board computers process all shipment information and keep clients fully informed of the status of their shipments in real time.

For more information on importing shipment information, please refer to the page “Import Shipments” by clicking on the link below.